Coronavirus imageWe continue to operate with as many people and functions as possible within the guidelines set forth by the Minnesota Department of Health and the University of Minnesota. We are adjusting our availability of tests, both in number and frequency, to spare our key resources of time and supplies. Most of our services have not been affected, but please note the changes below that reflect our current adjustments. We will continue to update our website and encourage you to use that as a resource for up to date information. Please contact me if you have questions, concerns or ideas about our services at 612 624-0497 or

-Dr. Jerry Torrison, Director 

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Canine neuromuscular

EIC testing is currently suspended. See PDF

Equine neuromuscular

PSSM and MH testing is currently suspended. See PDF


The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has been notified by FedEx and UPS that they are not able to guarantee arrival dates for packages.

Effective immediately, we will only be shipping temperature sensitive samples for outsource testing Monday-Wednesday to avoid the risk of samples sitting over the weekend in delivery trucks.


The UMN is no longer accepting cash as Brinks has suspended service.


The Veterinary Medical Center will not accept deliveries for the VDL after hours. Samples can only be delivered during regular hours at the VDL (7:45am - 4:30pm). 

Administrative support

Our administrative staff will be working from home as much as possible. This will reduce our capacity to answer phone calls. If you need assistance or have questions, the laboratory email is a preferred communication: These emails will be directed to others in the lab or answered by our administrative staff. 

Modified testing schedule

Some testing is being suspended or offered less frequently to spare materials and staff time. We will post new schedules on the website as they change. The new schedule is effective March 23, 2020.

If a test is not listed below, the schedule is unchanged.


Test Former schedule New schedule

IHC staining

CWD Testing


Every week


Every other week


Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory

Test Former schedule Reduced schedule Testing days
AIV PCR (FAD, Clinical Signs, Pre-Movement) Daily Daily as needed
AIV PCR- Routine NPIP monitoriing, non-time critical Daily 1-2x/wk Open*
NDV PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Fri
Mycoplasma (MG, MM, MS, MI) PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Thu
APV PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Wed
REO PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Mon
ASTRO/ROTA PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Mon

*will hold to batch test with AIV-FAD, clinical or pre-movement sample.


Test Former schedule Reduced schedule Testing days
BVD PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Tue
Circovirus PCR 2x/wk 2x/wk Wed, Fri
Bovine & Porcine Rotavirus PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Tue
Bovine coronavirus PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Tue
HEV PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Tue
Erysipelothrix species, Haemophilus parasuis, Mycoplasma hyosynoviae and Mycoplasma hyorhinis PCR (EHM) 2x/wk 1x/wk Tue
Lawsonia PCR 2x/wk 1x/wk Tue
EIC/PSSM 2x/wk No testing  


Turn-around times will be longer by 1-2 days due to staff limitations.


We will not accept forensic cases due to staffing limitations. Our website has information on alternate laboratories providing this service.