Dale Lauer wins Exemplary Leadership award

February 6, 2016

Dr. Dale Lauer, director of the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory in Willmar, is this year’s recipient of the Exemplary Leadership Award. The award goes to a person who has achieved recognition in their chosen field and made significant contributions to it.

Glenn Leitch and a team from Jennie-O nominated Lauer due to his response during the Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza outbreak last summer.

“He was forced to reprioritize his life around HPAI, and spent many nights and weekends helping the industry sort through issues. Has the poultry industry not had the full support of the State of Minnesota and the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory, we would not have been able to recover as fast as we did,” Leitch said in his nomination of Lauer.

Lauer is a graduate of the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine and arrived in Willmar in 1987 when he took on the position as supervisor of the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory. He has received additional awards from Minnesota Turkey Growers Association and the North Central Avian Disease Conference for his work in the poultry industry.

From the West Central Tribune, Willmar, MN, February 6, 2016