Continues to affect poultry flocks; mutations occur easily


Spread across the major swine producing states in 2013, causing outbreaks of diarrhea in sows and the death of many baby pigs

microscopic image of Seneca Valley virus  

The Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has identified Senecavirus A by real time PCR from snouts, hooves, lymph nodes, and serum from affected sows


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cows in a field


Updates from the 2017 MVMA Conference

Antimicrobial Resistance:

From USDA—doing surveillance, research, and education on AMR as a potential, serious threat:

These activities help determine patterns of antibiotic use in food producing animals; monitor antibiotic drug susceptibilities in food animals, meat and poultry; and develop mitigations to reduce AMR associated with food producing animals and their production environments.