Changes to USDA IAV-S surveillance program

June 15, 2016

Over the last 7 years the USDA has conducted surveillance for swine influenza virus (IAV-S) and has reimbursed clients for testing costs. In order to conserve funding for this program while maintaining effective surveillance the following changes have been made to the program:

  • Discontinuation of USDA reimbursement for the Matrix PCR screening test

              Reimbursements will continue for subtyping PCRs, virus isolation and sequencing as described below.

  • Reduction in the CT cutoff values for USDA funded further testing

             CT cutoff value is reduced to < 25 (lowered from < 35) for nasal swabs and lung.
             CT cutoff value is reduced to < 20 (lowered from <30) for oral fluids.

  • Cessation of reimbursement to NAHLN lab for sequencing of the M gene

            Reimbursements for the H gene and N gene will continue.

  • Reduction of reimbursement for subtyping PCR’s from 2 samples per accession to reimbursement for 1 sample per accession

Additional testing may be conducted at the owners’ expense as requested.

Watch the USDA website for further updates.

See also the AASV website for more information. 

Link: Email to UMN VDL swine clients

Link: PDF of  Swine Testing Algorithm

These changes will be in effect as of June 27, 2016.