Londa Kroone celebrates 40 years at the VDL

August 4, 2016

Dean Ames congratulated Londa Kroone on her 40 year of service to the VDL during the Staff Appreciation Day ceremony on July 21, 2016.

Londa completed a Laboratory Assistant program at the University of Minnesota in 1967 and after working in several laboratories both within and outside the University, came to the VDL in 1976. She worked in the serology lab for her entire career. When she started she was responsible for just 4 tests. The number of tests done in her lab has jumped to more than 10 and include canine brucellosis, anaplasmosis and equine infectious anemia.

Early in her career, Londa particularly enjoyed the family atmosphere of the VDL and the personal contact with clients. Things have changed over the years, and while she did not enjoy the introduction of computers as much, she is grateful that the VDL now has air conditioning!

Londa says she is grateful that the VDL hired her all those years ago; she has enjoyed her career here, hopes to retire from here (someday!) and considers the VDL her home-away-from-home.

Other recipients of longevity awards include:
Jan Shivers for 35 years
Sue Prouty for 35 years
Ling Tong for 20 years
Dawn Fliger for 10 years
Dean Muldoon for 10 years
BecKee Olson for 10 years
Dawn Ritt for 10 years
Jennifer Voisin for 10 years
Jodi Thielen for 5 years
Katherine Wright for 5 years

In addition, the VDL was well represented with 10 nominations for the Carl Edborg award and 6 nominations for the Outstanding faculty/P&A award.