Public Art at MPTL

November 20, 2017


public art at MPTL

As a part of the renovation project at the Minnesota Poultry Testing Laboratory in Willmar MN, a public art display was installed. The University of Minnesota spends a percentage of the budget of state funded projects on public art (as defined in MN statute 16B.35).

The public artwork, titled “Three Galliformes at the Lab”, was created by artist Peter Morales of St. Paul, MN.

“With respect to the work done at the Lab,” Morales explains, “the lines on the Turkey suggest a labyrinth. In Greek mythology, the labyrinth serves to contain and constrain a hazard (the Minotaur), and is constructed in such a way that only the hero can find his or her way in or out. The eyes of the three birds have a spiral shape that represents the path of enlightenment.”

Public art facts
Title: “Three Galliformes at the Lab”
Artist: Peter Morales, St. Paul, MN
Material Used: Granite – the artist calls it “St. Cloud Gray”
the product name is Charcoal Black. The granite was quarried
in St. Cloud, MN.
Turkey: 6,000 to 7,000 lbs.
Pheasant: 500 to 600 lbs. 
Rooster: ~1,020 lbs.
Turkey: 4½ ft
Pheasant: 2 ft
Rooster: 3 ft
Time frame:
Turkey: ~6 months
Pheasant: ~6 weeks
Rooster: ~6 weeks
Installation: Forty-ton crane during the installation at MPTL on November 3, 2017.