$375.00 per animal plus $10.00 accession fee ** Additional charges apply - Please see COMMENTS for those charges
Days Tested: 

M-F, except certain holidays when the Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory is closed.

Turnaround Time: 
7-21 business days
Specimen Requirements: 

See General Submission Guidelines for more information on how to submit animals for necropsy and general exam of tissue


**Additional fees:
Equine prep for Head/Heart/Hooves cremation $300.00
Equine prep for whole body cremation $700.00

Additional charge for spinal cord removal (See Spinal Cord Removal)
Legal, forensic or Insurance fees:  Additional $150.00

See Necropsy/Tissue-General Exam for more information. Depending on the necropsy case findings, the necropsy fee may include gross examination, histopathology, bacteriology, electron microscopy, immunohistochemistry, molecular diagnostics, and virology. Tests that are outsourced to another lab will be charged at cost. If additional tests are requested by the owner or DVM, these tests will incur additional charges, at the discretion of the pathologist. If only certain tests are requested, the submission form should clearly state the request. If the clinical syndrome is similar to a reportable disease, we are obligated to test for the agent(s) of concern.

Shipping Container: