Reference Lab Fee
Days Tested: 


Turnaround Time: 
5 business days. Delay of results may occur due to outsourcing.
Specimen Requirements: 

1) 50 mg liver 2) 50 mg liver biopsy 3) 50 mg tissue

Frozen gel packs

Collect tissue sample in a leakproof container. If sending different tissue types, please clearly label the tissue on the container. Refrigerate or freeze sample until shipment. Biopsies should be collected into a rubber-free tube to avoid zinc contamination. Microcentrifuge tubes work well for biopsies. Wet tissue masses collected from some selected surgical biopsy instruments are as follows: Stryker Double Action Biopsy Clamp (5.0 mm diameter) - 100 to 200 mg Acu Punch (6 mm) - 90 t0 180 mg (dependent on depth of punch) TruCut (14 G) - 20 to 25 mg (This is the amount collected if the notch in the instrument is full. Thus, two biopsy samples are required for optimal sample size, if the notch is full; more if it is partially full.) This panel cannot be run on samples in formalin or saline. If less than 50mg of tissue is available, please contact the lab for special handling This panel replaces both the "Trace Nutrient Elements- Tissue" and "Toxic Elements-Tissue" tests and contains all elements previously included in those panels. This test is used to diagnose mineral nutritional status and/or diagnose toxic levels. Liver is the preferred specimen for this testing. This test is capable of determining deficiency and excess levels of the minerals included. The following elements are routinely reported for this panel: cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury, and thallium. Animal age is required for this assay as reference ranges are species-specific and age-dependent. Test code: 50254

Shipping Container: 

Leakproof container