Molecular Diagnostics
Days Tested: 


Turnaround Time: 
2-4 weeks
Specimen Requirements: 

1) Feces 2) Fecal Swab 3) Fresh small intestine 4) Viral isolate

Frozen gel packs

For optimal result, sequencing should only be requested on highly positive samples with Ct values of 25 or less. The specimen type(s) listed for this test will provide an adequate sample volume to conduct this test. If multiple tests are to be requested on a specimen, there may not be adequate sample volume to perform each test. Please submit an adequate sample volume to meet the requirements of each test. If multiple agent testing is requested, please submit 2 tablespoons/30ml of fecal material. This will allow for an adequate sample volume to properly conduct each test.When sequencing is requested and a particular sample or number of samples to sequence isn't specified, the lab will default to sequencing the one sample with the lowest ct value (the lowest ct value represents the sample with the most virus or bacteria).

This procedure is validated, but is not performed within the VDL quality system.

Viral PCR
Shipping Container: 

1,3) WHIRL-PAK or leakproof container 2) Sterile dry tube without gel plug