2.50 each
Days Tested: 
M-F exceptSTT which is M-W
Turnaround Time: 
2-5 business days (2-7 business days for RAP, 4-8 business days for STT)
Specimen Requirements: 

1 ml serum

Shipping Container: 


frozen gel packs

The recommended screening test for cervid species is BAPA and/or RAP.

Blood or serum samples submitted from animals in Minnesota for brucellosis testing for regulatory purposes must include the animal’s official identification on the submission form for each sample submitted.  This includes samples from cattle, bison, cervids, and goats.  Regulatory reasons for testing include but are not limited to herd certification, interstate or international movement.   Submissions that do not include the animal’s official identification will be reported to the Board and are not considered official tests for regulatory purposes.

Official Brucellosis Test Record

Supplemental Form