Days Tested: 
Turnaround Time: 
3-4 business days
Specimen Requirements: 

6 ml milk

Shipping Container: 

sterile tube

frozen gel packs

Freeze samples immediately after collection. Samples must remain cold, preferably frozen. See Submission Guidelines for more information on how to collect a bulk tank milk sample.


“The Lab Pasteurized Count is the number of bacteria per ml of milk which survive laboratory pasteurization at 62.8° C (143° F) for 30 minutes. This procedure kills the usual mastitis-causing bacteria leaving only those organisms from the environment which can survive elevated temperatures. These types of organisms will grow and multiply in the milk handling equipment if cleaning and sanitation procedures are inadequate. The LPC should be below 100 to 200 if equipment cleaning and sanitation are good.”

- From “Bulk Tank Cultures Can Help Diagnose Problems