7.60 each
Days Tested: 
Turnaround Time: 
2-3 business days
Specimen Requirements: 

Minimum of 6 ml milk each sample

Shipping Container: 

sterile tube

frozen gel packs

Freeze samples immediately.  Samples must remain cold, preferably frozen.  See Submission Guidelines for more information on how to collect a bulk tank milk sample.


“The Standard Plate Count is the number of colony forming units in one ml of milk when incubated for 48 hours at 32° C (90° F). The SPC should be less than 5,000 if cow and equipment sanitation is good and cooling is adequate. A SPC of less than 1,000 indicates excellence in all of these areas. Most industry standards require a SPC of less than 50,000.”

- From “Bulk Tank Cultures Can Help Diagnose Problems