Days Tested: 
M or T
Turnaround Time: 
2-9 business days
Specimen Requirements: 


Shipping Container: 

whirl-pac or plastic bag

frozen gel packs

Towel cultures are performed to evaluate the adequacy of laundering procedures or storage conditions of towels used in udder preparation for milking. Freshly laundered towels should be placed in a whirl-pack or clean ziplock bag immediately after laundering. Refrigerate or freeze before shipping.

There are no universal guidelines for interpreting towel culture results, however growth of more than 50 colonies of any type of bacteria from a freshly laundered towel indicates cleaning failure. To evaluate towel storage, you may wish to compare a freshly laundered towel to a towel that has been stored for a representative amount of time before use.


This test quantifies the number of colonies of any organism cultured from a cloth towel. Results are reported per square inch.