Appendix A

Effective June 12, 2014

Note: A $10 accession fee and a $10 hazardous waste disposal fee will be applied to all submissions. All fees are in US $.

Procedure Fee
  Academic/Non Profit Non-Academic/Industry
Negative Staining EM - preparation/evaluation 50.00/sample 94.50/sample
Ultrastructural Pathology EM    
   Tissue preparation/resin-embedding (3 blocks each) 36.75/sample 73.50/sample
   Tissue thick section/routine staining for LM (1 slide each) 21.00/block 42.00/block
   Tissue ultrathin section/routine staining for EM (6 grids each) 47.25/block 94.50/block
   Transmission EM scope time 52.50/hour 105.00/hour
   Pathologist consultation time (plus scope time) 157.50/hour 315.00/hour
   Staff-assisted training (plus equipment rental) 52.50/hour 105.00/hour
Scanning EM Contact us for rates