Submission Guidelines

General information - Equine Neuromuscular Genetic Testing

It is a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory policy to submit samples and report results to your veterinarian. Direct involvement of your veterinarian allows for optimal management of this genetic disease as well as other concurrent medical conditions your horse may have that will affect its management.

Genetic testing protocols

Genetic testing can be performed on either whole blood OR on mane or tail hair samples.

  • Whole blood - Draw 3-7 ml into a purple-top EDTA tube clearly labeled with the horse's and owner's ID.
  • Hair - Pull 20 mane or tail hairs with roots intact. Inspect the hair to ensure that a clear bulb is present on the roots of the sample. The required DNA for the test cannot be obtained from cut hair. Place the hairs in a completely sealed envelope or plastic bag and label the bag with horse's and owner's ID.  (hairs should be gathered together securely using a piece of tape or a rubber band)


Enclose a completed submission form for each animal. Label the tube or envelope with owner and animal name. Blood samples must be shipped within 48 hours of collection. Place blood samples on frozen gel packs, place samples in an insulated container, and ship overnight to the address below. Hair samples can be shipped by regular mail.

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
University of Minnesota
1333 Gortner Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108
Phone: 612-625-8787