Molecular Diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics

The Molecular Diagnostic Section offers testing of a wide range of animal pathogens using molecular based methods, such as conventional, real-time, and quantitative PCR. Genetic sequencing is also available for a number of pathogens. These advanced techniques allow for both rapid and highly sensitive detection of nucleic acids to aid in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. These techniques have the advantage of requiring only small amounts of a diverse spectrum of biological sample types. For best results, please follow the submission guidelines for the sample type submitted. 

Information about the 2015 Avian Influenza outbreak and the PCR lab

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Changes to result reporting

**NOTE: The changes below do NOT affect PRRSv or PEDv result reporting**

Beginning November 1, 2018 the UMN VDL molecular diagnostics laboratory will be reporting results with Ct values of 36-40 as “suspect”, without further re-testing. This will mainly affect the reporting of pathogens such as M. hyopneumonia, circovirus, parvovirus, Erysipelas, H. parasuis, M. hyorhinus and rotavirus.  Reporting results for PRRSv and PEDv (PDT) will remain unchanged, including listing “pending’ and “re-test” as status for initial results.

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