Necropsy/Tissue - General Exam

The University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory performs over 16,000 necropsies - or animal autopsies - on all different types of species every year.

Services and Fees

Note: A $10.00 accession fee will be applied to all cases. An additional 10% out of state surcharge will also be applied where animals or owners are from outside the state of Minnesota. All fees are in US $.

necropsy labSee our "General Submission Guidelines" for more information on how to submit each type of animal.

Necropsies are performed Monday-Friday, except certain holidays when VDL is closed. Turnaround time is 7-14 working days for production animals;  7-21 working days for companion animals, horses and camelids;  1- 8 weeks for zoo and wildlife.  However, depending on complexity of case and types of ancillary diagnostics, case turnaround time may be extended.

Depending on the necropsy case findings, the necropsy fee may include gross examination, histopathology, bacteriology, electron microscopy, immunohistochemistry, molecular diagnostics, and virology.  Tests that are outsourced to another lab will be charged at cost. If additional tests are requested by the owner or DVM, these tests will incur additional charges, at the discretion of the pathologist.  If only certain tests are requested, the submission form should clearly state the request.  If the clinical syndrome is similar to a reportable disease, we are obligated to test for the agent(s) of concern.

Submission forms

Effective July 1, 2019

Type of Animal Fee (per animal)
Canine/Feline 150.00 + $10 accession fee
Camelid 200.00 + $10 accession fee
Equine 300.00 + $10 accession fee
Porcine 95.00 + $10 accession fee
Poultry (up to 10 birds) 85.00 + $10 accession fee
85.00 + $10 accession fee
Fetal necropsy (all species) 85.00 + $10 accession fee


                           0 - 20  pounds
                         21 - 100 pounds
            greater than 100 pounds 


95.00 + $10 accession fee
110.00 + $10 accession fee
150.00 + $10 accession fe

Aquatics - Basic (Gross, Bacteriology, Virology only)  up to 4 fish

60.00 + $10 accession fee

Aquatics - Comprehensive (Basic + Histology and PCR) up to 4 fish 120.00 + $10 accession fee
Aquatics - Regulatory        180.00 + $10 accession fee (up to 60 fish)


Additional Charge for Spinal Cord Removal:
0-30 Pounds: $30.00
30-150 Pounds: $50.00
Over 150 Pounds: $100.00

Outsource tests - not included in necropsy price
Research cases - pricing is ala carte
Legal/Forensic/Insurance cases - additional $150.00
Disposal - included in Necropsy fee.  Disposal only submissions will not be accepted.
Cosmetic Necropsies - will not be performed