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Submission form

Permission form for euthanasia, necropsy and disposal of remains

dogWe provide rabies testing services in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Health. Please see their website for rabies case management and reporting, as well as a FAQ.

The VDL does not provide individual cremation services. Animal remains will be processed using mass chemical cremation, unless arrangements for private cremation are made by the client or the client's veterinarian. Animals testing negative for rabies may be released to a private cremation service once all test results are known. Animals testing positive for rabies or where the status cannot be determined may be released to a private cremation service after VDL decontamination procedures if they weigh 22 pounds or less.  Animals testing positive for rabies or where the status cannot be determined and are larger than 22 pounds will be group cremated at no cost to the client, but cannot be released for individual cremation due to the limitations of the VDL decontamination procedures.  


Effective January 1, 2018

Note: A $10.00 accession fee will be applied to all cases. An additional 10% out of state surcharge will also be applied where animals or owners are from outside the state of Minnesota. All fees are in US $.

Services & Fees

Specimen Requirements:

head or whole brain

Shipping Container:

sealed, leakproof container

frozen gel packs
20.00 (per animal) plus $10.00 accession fee
Days Tested:
Turnaround Time:
1-2 business days

See the Rabies home page for more information on submitting for this test. After the brain samples are collected at the VDL, staff at the Minnesota Department of Health perform the fluorescent antibody test.