Submission Guidelines - Lab for Udder Health

Review sampling procedures and test information for each available test on our Tests & Fees page.  Collect high quality samples for accurate diagnosis. Laboratory results are only as good as the technique used in collecting and transporting the samples. Please send milk samples in tubes. Samples sent in whirl pacs may be subject to additional handling charges. 

Most samples (milk, bedding, or other) should be frozen before shipping to ensure that bacterial overgrowth does not occur during shipping.  Ship samples in an insulated shipping container with freezer packs.  Use crumpled newspaper to fill any empty space in the container. 

Styrofoam boxes specially designed for milk sample shipment are available from the Laboratory for Udder Health.  These boxes contain cold packs and 15 sterile tubes for shipping bulk tanks or individual cows. Order form and information

Complete the submission form and place in a separate, sealed plastic bag to ensure it remains dry and readable. 

Ship samples to arrive Monday-Friday, avoiding weekends and holidays.  Frozen samples can be shipped for two day delivery to:

Laboratory for Udder Health
Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
University of Minnesota
1333 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, MN  55108

Samples must be frozen or cold on arrival.  UPS, FedEx or Spee-Dee are preferred shipping methods.