Submission Forms & Supplies

Note: Forms are updated periodically. Please always use the latest form for submissions.

Submission forms


VDL submission forms are screen-fillable PDF forms, meaning you can type right into the PDF.

You have two options to complete a form:

  1. Print a blank copy and fill out by hand
  2. Download the PDF and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, complete, save, and print the forms. | Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

If going with option 2, it will be in Google Drive and you MUST download the PDF first and open it in Acrobat Reader to make your edits.

Not making sense?

Refer to Hints for Navigating Screen-Fillable PDF Forms for more information on completing the forms. If you use Acrobat within your web browser, be sure to use the printer button on the Acrobat toolbar menu to print the form rather than your web browser's print function.

Submission Forms By Species

All Species/General Forms




Small Ruminant/Cervidae

Companion Animal/Equine



*Prices listed below do not include shipping charges, which will be billed once the supplies are sent

General supplies   Unit price  ($) How to order
Insulated Shipper:  New Box 13.00

Download receiving order form

By email:

By phone: 612-625-7095

Insulated Shipper: New Foam Inside 7.35
Insulated Shipper:  New Outer Box 5.65
Blood Tube Rack No charge
Blood Tube Mailer No charge
CWD Collection Cups (pack of 10) No charge
Johne's Collection Cups, 2oz No charge
Trittrichomonas and campylobacter culture media No charge
Campylobacter Transport Media, 3ml No charge
Campylobacter Transport Media, 5ml No charge
Udder health lab supplies    
2 oz Milk Vials .30

By email:

By phone: 612-625-7053

Download Udder Health order form

Download Easy Culture Manual:
English | Spanish

Factor plate 1.75
Focus plate 1.75
Blood plate 1.20
MacConkey plate 1.20
Tri-plate (F-MTKT - Mac) 3.15
Bi-plate (F-Mac) 2.00
Bottle of 15ml coagulase 32.00
Coagulase tube kit (makes 30 individual tubes) 35.00
Easy Culture System Handbook (English or Spanish) No charge
Pack of 100 sterile swabs 1.50
Box of sterile swabs (2/pk) 11.00
Pack of sterile inoculating loops 5.00
Milk sample mailer 8.00

Using and completing forms

The appropriate submission form must accompany each case. A case is defined as single or multiple animals/specimens submitted during a single day, from the same owner, from animals of a similar age and from a similar environment. A case may also include non-animal specimens, such as feed, water, bedding, etc.

When sending specimens from more than one owner, fill out a separate submission form for each owner.

When sending specimens from multiple animals (same species) belonging to the same owner, provide pertinent information for each animal on the same submission form.

When sending specimens from multiple animals (different species) belonging to the same owner, fill out a separate submission form for each animal (species).