5.65 (see below)
Days Tested: 
Turnaround Time: 
7-14 business days
Specimen Requirements: 

2 ml milk

Shipping Container: 

sterile tube

frozen gel packs

See Submission Guidelines for detailed sample collection, handling and shipping information.  Freeze samples immediately after collecting. Samples must remain cold, preferably frozen during shipping. 

If requested, the lab will pool individual samples (approximately 10 per pool) for Mycoplasma screening. A pooling fee of $2.00 will be applied to each pool.  When samples are pooled, the original samples will be kept refrigerated until the pooled result is available.  Individual samples from a positive pool are automatically tested and charged the individual fee of $5.65 per sample in the pool. 


This is a test for Mycoplasma species in milk from an individual cow, or bulk tank milk.  If Mycoplasma is found the exact species (Mycoplasma bovis or other)  can be determined by PCR if requested (see PCR Identification of Mycoplasma species Isolated from Milk).