Packing & Shipping



  • Label each specimen with the owner's last name and the animal's name/number.
  • Clearly distinguish acute samples from convalescent samples.
  • Label serology tubes in numerical and consecutive order (1, 2, 3, etc.)


  • Place the tubes into the serum boxes in the order corresponding to the test charts.
  • Do not send specimens in hypodermic syringes.
  • Samples shipped in cardboard boxes should be placed in a waterproof liner and sealed tightly to prevent leakage.
  • If shipping fluid specimens in self-sealing plastic bags, double bag each specimen to avoid leakage.
  • Ship frozen or refrigerated material in a properly insulated container, clearly marked on the outside as a frozen/refrigerated laboratory specimen.
  • Use gel packs for a refrigerant (never use wet ice).
  • Enclose the submittal form(s) in a waterproof bag and place it on top of the specimens in the shipping container.


  • Shipping by overnight courier is preferred.
  • The sender is responsible for postage or special delivery charges