Submission Guidelines

General Submission Information

Animal owners generally use VDL services through their veterinarians or extension agents, who have expertise in selecting, preparing, and shipping the proper specimens for testing.
Properly prepared and shipped samples increase the quality of results!
Additional fees may apply to improperly prepared and/or packed specimens.

Sample collection procedures may vary depending on the type of testing requested and may affect the accuracy of the results. For that reason, in addition to these guidelines, please follow the guidelines for specific tests and procedures listed in our Services and Fees section, as well as any procedures described on current VDL submission forms.

Diagnostic samples from humans will not be tested. Contact local public health officials for information.

Large number of samples?

Please call the VDL ahead of time if it is necessary to submit a large number of specimens or a special test is requested.

Timing and turnaround

Samples must be received at least one business day before the scheduled testing day in order to be tested on that day. Samples may not always be run on the first scheduled testing day after they arrive, but testing will be completed within the posted turnaround time. If rush testing is desired, please contact us.

We reserve the right to subcontract any work required to complete testing of any and all submissions. Any work subcontracted will be indicated as such on the laboratory report.

Specimen Ownership

Please click here for a statement on specimen ownership.